Create Affirmations that Actually Work

If you’re anything like my clients these days, you’re aware of affirmations but get stuck on how to use them. I bet you have questions like: 

How do I tailor affirmations just for me?

Why do they always feel so fake? 

How do I use them without feeling silly?

The answer to all of these questions is: Customization.

Customization is the bridge between where you are now and where you want to be when it comes to affirmations. Once you’ve identified your top values (use this list) and set your emotional goals (how you want to feel about yourself, your relationships, and your life), customize your affirmations using gerund verbs and qualifying phrases.

Let me show you what I mean.

Let’s say your top values are gratitude and humility, and your emotional goals are to trust yourself and believe the world is safe.

A good example of affirmations could look like this:

I am grateful.

I am humble.

I trust myself.

I believe the world is safe.

These are fine. Nothing really wrong with them. But:

If you are trying to go from not believing something to believing it fully, that’s like going from zero to hundred in a split second. It will give you some painful whiplash and everything in you will resist that extreme of a change.

So. Let’s customize these affirmations!

Better example:

I am becoming more grateful.

I am learning how to be humble.

I trust myself more and more everyday.

I notice when I believe the world is safe.

Customization means adding those active verbs and qualifying phrases to make the affirmations actually feel true. This is like a gentle, steady increase of speed over several minutes to get from zero miles per hour to one hundred. No whiplash, no pain. Just baby steps on the path toward believing what you want to believe and thinking what you want to think.

Try it yourself: What affirmations can you customize for yourself?

Tell me below how it goes ↓

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