What’s Helping Me Now (links list!)

The internet is such a frenemy, right? Whenever I find myself hating what I see online, I either get offline, or I deliberately find something to love. Here’s what’s helping me lately:

  • Quordle is the new Wordle (and I am very into it).
  • I subscribed to Psychology of Women Quarterly last year and have been eating it up.
  • The other night, I stayed up way past my bedtime watching this new show and laughed/cried for hours.
  • For my LDS friends: I loved learning about “The Mental Illness Hymn” and bet you will, too.
  • Have you heard of Dr. Jennifer Joy Freyd? Her story is incredible, her work is stellar, and her movement toward Institutional Courage is giving me some much needed hope.
  • A new episode of Freak on a Leash is out! I interviewed Erin Summers Olsen, my sister-in-law, all about how her faith has evolved through losing her dad at age nine, marrying then divorcing her high school sweetheart, and becoming a mother. (Look for another new episode next Monday!)
  • I keep relistening to the feeds of You’re Wrong About and Maintenance Phase. I found both during the depths of pandemic fatigue and last year’s depression, and just did not integrate all each episode has to offer. So I’m relistening, re-remembering my darkest days, and learning/laughing/healing along the way.
  • Katherine Goldstein is a powerhouse (her podcast The Double Shift was another important balm for me over the last few years) and it is such an honor to be included in her latest Huffington Post article.
  • Snagged tickets to this concert! Fun fact: I went to see this same band for my very first concert when I was 14. (Another, unrelated, fun fact: My husband’s 20-year high school reunion is the same weekend this summer. Go Rams 🖤)
  • I can’t not show up for this. Will I see you there?

My team here at Caitlin Olsen Co has been working hard this year to streamline the business. Thank you so much, Anne and Tara! One of their projects has been to build an inquiry process for potential new clients; if you’ve been curious about working with me 1:1, we are ready to hear from you. Complete an inquiry form and let us take it from there.

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