What’s Helping Me Now

Every once in a while, the internet can feel like a source of shame or just a waste of time. When I’m tempted to throw in my virtual towel and bail on the technology world, I challenge myself to find something uplifting and useful online. Here’s what I’ve found around the web this week.

  1. Brooke Castillo’s podcast episode on Emotional Vocabulary is so good – this is the kind of stuff everyone needs to know.
  2. I’ve been reading this book for the last few days and love learning about successful women’s lives. The day-in and day-out of the author’s early years, marriage, career, and motherhood are fascinating.
  3. It’s no secret I love Instagram, and this week’s find is Caitlin Metz’s account. What she’s doing for her sisters and nephews after their tragedy is so beautiful.
  4. How to Be the Go-To House is the best parenting article I read this week – and reinforces my long-held belief that anything you start when your kids are little (like playdates) will be much easier to uphold when they’re older.
  5. Self-care is such a buzzword these days, and maybe turning into buzz businesses? I’ve never been to this place, and we all know self-care is about WAY more than getting nails done and eating out, but I love anything that helps normalize it.
  6. Made me laugh – tell me I’m not the only one. #meanmom

I’m so glad you’re here. Have a beautiful weekend.

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