What’s Helping Me Now

The internet is such a frenemy, right? Whenever I find myself hating what I see online, I either get offline, or I deliberately find something to love. On that note, here’s what’s helping me lately:

  • Turning Red, the latest Pixar-Disney offering, is pissing (white) people off, which is pissing me off. 
  • I’ve been using Meetup lately and loving it. Insert photos of me hiking with new friends in real life
  • This was on repeat at my house the other night. So freaking fun.
  • Also repeating this daily. I’m a long-time Brandi fan. Brandi + Miley? It just works.
  • “We are hurt in relationships, and we are healed in them, too.” (And: “When I bent, my soul fell out.” 💔)
  • For my LDS friends: This historical overview of The Word of Wisdom is fascinating and empowering. It’s worth your time, especially if you’re trying to sort out what is most wise for you.
  • I’m thinking about hosting a webinar on this topic. I recently attended an anger-release breathwork session with my friend Abby and it felt sooooo good; I’m betting you could use some rage-release, too.
  • Might make this soon. Who’s coming over?
  • I’m constantly teaching clients to let emotions come and go, to let themselves be a beginner. This poem helps get the point across.
  • Since just scanning these quotes left me bawling, it might be time for a reread of this wonderful novel.
  • In other reading news: I devoured this book, watched the movie with my kids, then immediately watched this documentary. Highly recommend all three, consecutively, in a row.
  • Did you catch the latest episode of Freak on a Leash? This interview with Sarah Hill Olsen (Air Force Academy graduate, Hurricane Hunter, and, lucky me, my sister-in-law) is all about joining the church as a young adult and navigating marriage on your own terms. 

What’s the best thing you’ve seen online this week? I’d love to hear!

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