What’s Helping Me Now

Every once in a while, the internet can feel like a source of shame or just a waste of time. When I’m tempted to throw in my virtual towel and bail on the technology world, I challenge myself to find something uplifting and useful online. Here’s what I’ve found around the web this week.

  • Reading or watching the news has never been a favorite pastime of mine, but it’s been especially not-my-favorite lately. And yet, it feels irresponsible to be uninformed when it comes to the latest COVID-19 updates. So. I scan CNN for headlines and occasionally read an entire article. I skim the front page of the CDC’s website to make sure I’m following the recommended protocols, and I read my city’s newspaper online to keep up with local guidelines and leadership.
  • Speaking of important news: The murder of Ahmaud Arbery is heartbreaking and infuriating. This article helps me, a white runner, understand a bit of what it’s like to be a black runner since Ahumaud’s death.
  • Parenting during a pandemic is tricky. These free printable posters from the World Health Organization are super helpful.
  • More for you parents out there: I love the New York Times Parenting section; the articles are everything from funny and uplifting to informative and heartbreaking. Binge read them here.
  • Any other The Office fans out there? Of course there are… it’s only the best sitcom of all time. When I want to listen to something light and fun, I go straight for this new-ish podcast. (And when I want to read something light and fun, I go for this book.)
  • Some great news that you’ve probably already heard but just in case you haven’t: BRENE BROWN HAS HER OWN PODCAST. Run, don’t walk.
  • I love this exploration of hypnotherapy. I haven’t been trained in and don’t practice hypnotherapy, but I do have colleagues and friends who’ve experienced it with great results. Such an interesting modality.
  • Caroline Dooner has become one of the main (and most welcome) voices in my head lately. I listened to her book twice (two weekends in a row) and subscribed to her newsletter about ten minutes into that first listen. Her newsletter is the BOMB – it’s basically 100% comprised of content she had to cut from her book. So it’s just like chapter after chapter of awesome anti-diet science, personal experience, and advice. Both are a great next-step for you fellow intuitive eaters.

Have a wonderful week, and, as always, thank you for being here.

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