What’s Helping Me Now

Every once in a while, the internet can feel like a source of shame or just a waste of time. When I’m tempted to throw in my virtual towel and bail on the technology world, I challenge myself to find something uplifting and useful online. Here’s what I’ve found around the web this week.

  • Lisa Olivera isn’t an Insta-Therapist (and neither am I). Huge thanks to Lisa for paving the way and speaking so clearly about why we’re all here.
  • This interview of Dave’s Killer Bread founder Dave Dahl is a must-listen for any man looking to turn his life around.
  • And, for any woman in recovery from sexual trauma, there’s this interview of Paige founder Paige Adams-Gellar.
  • One more podcast, for my fellow Intuitive Eaters. Non-Diet Registered Dietician Christyna Johnson hosts Intuitive Eating for the Culture which provides short, clear, motivating episodes covering the basics and beyond of Intuitive Eating.
  • If you’ve been watching my Instagram stories, you’ve heard me talk about this book before. It’s so useful, it warrants mention here, too.
  • This article about parenting in the middle-class evoked both pity and rage in me. I’m a firm believer that people always have a choice AND I recognize those choices are often limited by the systems in which those same people operate. Reading this article, I vacillate between wanting to scream at people to stop complaining and wanting to offer every American pro bono therapy; I’m always part drill sergeant, part bleeding heart. I’m curious, what’s your response?

Have a wonderful weekend, and, as always, thank you for being here.

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