What’s Helping Me Now

Every once in a while, the internet can feel like a source of shame or just a waste of time. When I’m tempted to throw in my virtual towel and bail on the technology world, I challenge myself to find something uplifting and useful online. Here’s what I’ve found around the web this week.

  • This article about a sexist elementary school homework assignment got my blood boiling a bit! Read if you’re in the mood to get riled up, too.
  • I will never get sick of people using their fame for good.
  • For this week’s edition of Caitlin the Intuitive Eater: These dudes kept me company while my husband was out of town, but without the usual helping of guilt on the side. The tool I’ve been practicing? Unconditional permission to eat. Fancy that.
  • This profile on economist and mother Emily Oster is fascinating. Adding both her parenting books to my (never-ending) to-read list.
  • Speaking of books, this home tour is so delightful (as are they all in Joanna’s series). This home reminds me of one of my favorite quotes to live by, from Sydney Smith: “No furniture is so charming as books.”
  • Most of these are silly, but the second one got me pretty good.

Have a beautiful weekend, and, as always, thank you for being here.

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