Theramonial: Maren


Maren is amazing and, as you’ll hear in this interview, one of my own clients. It feels a little weird and self-promoting to ask her about her experiences in therapy with me, and at the same time, I’d rather be a little uncomfortable than withhold this interview from you. It’s SO good, ya’ll.

Maren describes the vulnerability of seeking out a therapist, the process of trying out two other therapists before finding the right one, and battling the stigma and shame surrounding the need for help with mental health.

She also graciously shares how she knew we were a good fit (hint: validation matters!), why accountability was so useful for her, and how money, childcare, and other logistics played a role in her healing process. EMDR, betrayal trauma, addiction recovery, Brene Brown are all resources we used in therapy that Maren talks about as helpful.

Maren is a gem and I’m so happy to share a  bit of her with you all! I love, love, love my work and getting to go over the entire experience with Maren was like reliving the privilege of knowing her and witnessing her healing all over again.

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