Theramonial: Kenna

I am ceaselessly amazed and in awe of the people I get to interview for this Theramonial series. Kenna is no exception. She is sweet and kind, incredibly brave to share her story, and very bright and articulate.

Watch this Theramonial for a glimpse into student overwhelm, client-paced therapy, and navigating a university mental healthcare system on a student’s budget. Kenna’s experience is a great example of what a lot of clinics are like: first, there’s an intake therapist who interviews you for 30-60 minutes and then there’s the first session with a different therapist who will treat you long-term.

Kenna also shares her experience of a collaborative relationship with her therapist and what it was like to realize some of her core beliefs clashed with those of her therapist.

Kenna is so generous to open up about these experiences. This is not an easy thing to do and I’m so grateful to her for sharing!

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