Theramonial: Jess


In this Theramonial, Jess describes how therapy helped her first end an abusive relationship then fully process the traumas she experienced. There wasn’t any hesitation for Jess to seek out mental health treatment since she grew up in a family culture that encouraged and regularly practiced the use of therapy. She also describes how some therapy can have a bandaid effect while longer-term therapy can facilitate deeper work. Jess is also very generous in sharing what it really feels like to know your therapist is the right fit.

I love how Jess talks about integrating what she was learning in therapy into her day-to-day practice to manage trauma and overwhelm. She also mentions how soothing it was to discover her diagnosis and find herself a textbook example of that diagnosis.

This is such a great interview with such a great girl, and I’m so happy you all get a glimpse of Jess and to hear her therapy story.

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