Theramonial: Alisa

In this week’s Theramonial interview, Alisa shares her story of seeking help for mental health problems as a teenager and again as an adult. She describes both prenatal and postnatal depression, her hesitance to get help, and what it was like to decide to and finally receive some professional mental healthcare.

Alisa helps dispell myths around postpartum depression, opens up about what it was like to seek out therapy in England (where she was living at the time), what type of therapy helped the most, and how it’s affected her since. In this Theramonial, you’ll hear about talk therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and physical self-care.

Huge thank you again to Alisa for participating and sharing her therapy story. I’m so grateful to her for giving us the peek into what real-life therapy looks like. You’ll notice that the interview is made of two separate videos; this is because Alisa realized after our intial interview was recorded that she wanted to share more about her pre-therapy experience and what had her thinking therapy was needed. This is another reason I really appreciate Alisa: She is so generous in what she offers.

This Theramonial is worth every second!

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