Straight From the Client’s Mouth 🗣

My clients are endlessly inspiring to me. I love, love, love my work and am constantly pinching myself: how lucky am I to get a front-row seat to personal transformation?

Today is the last day of my latest round of 12-Week 1:1 Coaching Packages, so I’m feeling extra grateful for the clients I’ve been supporting day in and day out for the last three months. (Y’all are AMAZING and I love you 😍)

Between my 1:1 Coaching Clients and my two coaching programs, I spent 15 hours face-to-face with dozens of incredible women this week. Here’s what came out of their mouths during our time together:

One of my Boundaries for Beginners participants says her favorite new script for setting boundaries is simply, “I’m at capacity.” 🤯

Another BfB friend is letting people know that she’s “anticipating changes in my availability soon” when asked for favors or to take on extra responsibilities. 🤯🤯

And yet another boundaries nugget: “Dependability does not equal availability. I don’t have to be always available in order to be dependable.” 🤯🤯🤯

In The Sisterhood this week, we debriefed on Monday after a tricky Conference weekend, and one wise Sis said this: “It feels so good to have somewhere to go with all of this.” 🥰

Another gem from The Sisterhood this week: “I’m learning that the questions aren’t necessarily getting answered, but they are leading me to answers eventually.” 🥰🥰

In my DMs right after that call, I got this from a Sisterhood member: “Caitlin, you are a gift. Thank you!” 🥰🥰🥰

In my one-on-one work this week, each and every client showed up absolutely beautifully. I cannot get over how powerful my bond is with each and every client these days. It’s so energizing and thrilling!

One client said in session this week: “I am not the same person I was when we started working together. I can’t believe how much has changed for me.” 🤩

In another session this week: “There’s so much more ease in my life. Even when things are nuts and I’m stressed and everything is chaos, I’m not in chaos.” 🤩🤩

Last one: “I’m having so many good days. All in a row. I can’t believe it.” 🤩🤩🤩

This is the best job in the world! You’ll never be able to change my mind.

Now, tell me: What’s the best thing about your week?

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