Parenting for Addiction Prevention

This is some content I created a while ago when I was brewing with ideas and had nowhere to put them, so, naturally, I recorded myself talking.

One of the most common mistakes parents make is parenting out of fear rather than proactivity. Fear-based parenting is like focusing only on breaking a bad habit. Values-based parenting is akin to building a new habit. Think about when you’re wanting to watch less TV. If all you tell yourself is “No TV. No TV. No TV,” eventually the discipline wears off and next thing you know, you’re six episodes deep into a season of The Office you’ve already seen twelve times. If you focus on reading the new book on your nightstand or getting a full eight hours of sleep or writing in your journal, the rewards of those other options appeal to the brain. The difference is the focus: Focus on what you do want rather than what you don’t.

With parenting, as I’ve written before, proactively aiming for what you do want for your children is an empowering way to help lay a healthy foundation as you launch them into the world. Running scared from addiction, for example, keeps the unwanted as the focus. Addiction is in charge of the parenting. Running steadily toward emotional health keeps mental wellness as the focus. Mental wellness is in charge of parenting. For how to raise kids in an environment that supports emotional health and mental wellness, get out your pen and paper and prepare yourself for some parenting gold.

Parenting for Addiction Prevention
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