Behiving encourages women and men to get unstuck and create movement in their lives. Chock full of easy-to-read content, our site leaves you ready to take charge of your own mental wellness, develop emotional empowerment, and fill your life with true self-care.
No one can do this alone, and we’re so glad you’re here!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who's in charge here?

Caitlin Olsen, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, founded Behiving as a place to connect, create, and cultivate.

Where does the name 'Behiving' come from?

The verb ‘to be’ is about what is – what currently exists. ‘Hive’ represents a place to congregate, gather information, and launch from; both a safe haven and a place to do work. Adding ‘-ing’ turns a passive word, a noun, into an active word, a verb. Taking what already exists – what is – and doing something with it. (Caitlin is a word nerd, as if you couldn’t tell.)

What's this place all about?

We are all about mental health advocacy, emotional empowerment, and true self-care. Come here to challenge the stigmas around mental health problems and treatment. Come here to learn more about emotions, healthy emotional management, and how to become more emotionally empowered in your relationships. Come here to learn all about true self-care and to get ideas for what that could look like in your life.

Can I hire Caitlin as a therapist?

Yes! Well, maybe, depending on where you live and what you’re looking for. Go to our Therapy page for more info.
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